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26th Jun 2016, 8:30 PM in Chapter 4: Chimereans
Page 21
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JaredMOwens 26th Jun 2016, 8:30 PM edit delete
100 pages! I'm a little sad that it took so long to get here, but I'm glad I did. There are pages I would improve for sure (looking at you prologue and chapter 1) but I am glad I stuck with it. Here's to hundreds more pages to come! Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed reading Boris and Bjorn and fraction as much as I've enjoyed writing it.
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DaemonDan 26th Jun 2016, 8:47 PM edit delete reply
Hehehehe. Love it XD
MHaensel 28th Jun 2016, 6:25 PM edit delete reply
100 is quite an accomplishment. Good work, and good persistence!
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