Blutige Feld Rules
by JaredMOwens

To play, you will need:

10 card in main deck per player (5 red, 5 black)
1 extra card in main deck per player
22 cards minimum in main deck
12 cards in side deck

Up to four players can use a standard deck, if it has four cards to use as jokers.

Main Deck:
Black cards (Clubs and Spades): Warriors are worth one point. They vary in strength from 1 to 5 (ace through 5, then repeat for 6 through 10). A warrior can only use a weapon with its strength or less
Red cards (Diamonds and Hearts): Weapons must be played on warriors. They vary in strength from 1 to 5 (ace through 5, then repeat for 6 through 10)

Extra Cards (Jokers): Come in pairs. May be used as one or the other.

Hero’s Blade- special weapon, can be used by any warrior, 5 pts
Hero- special warrior, 5 strength, 5 pts

Cutpurse- special warrior, 5 strength, can steal a weapon from an opponent, 1 pt
Maiden- special warrior, can not use weapons, steal a warrior from an opponent, its weapon is returned to the owner, 1 pt

Barbarian- special warrior, 5 strength, can use any two weapons at once, 1 pt
Lycanthrope- special weapon, can be used on any warrior, attached warrior is worth twice its strength in points, attached warrior can not use any other weapons, Lycanthrope can not be moved.

Assassin- special warrior, 5 strength, does not get points for weapon, pay bet cost to put used weapon into discard pile, destroy warrior with strength equal to discarded weapon, 1 pt
Spy- special warrior, can not use weapons, -5 pts for player whose field he is placed on.

Necromancer- special warrior, can not use weapons, take a card from the discard pile then shuffle the discard pile into the main deck, 1 pts
The Dead- special warrior, gain 1 pt for each warrior in the discard pile at the end of the game, 1 pt

Baron- special warrior, can not use weapons, 1 pt for each weapon in each player's hand at the end of the game, 1 pt
Warlord- special warrior, 3 strength, any warriors with the same strength weapon you control are worth 2 more points, 1 pt

Fool- Special warrior, can not use weapons, if you can sneak the fool onto the field, and it remains on the field for an entire round, it is worth 10 pts

Side Deck (Face Cards):
3x Taxes (Spades) – Opponent of your choice discards a card
3x Fields (Clubs) – You draw a card
3x Wastelands (Diamonds) – You discard a card
3x Graves (Hearts) – Draw from the discard pile

Starting the game:

  • Shuffle the side and main decks
  • Choose which extra cards will be used in the game
  • Each player is dealt five cards

Playing the game:

  • Each turn, player draws a card
  • On your turn you may- play a warrior with a weapon attached, a warrior by itself, a weapon onto a warrior, switch two weapons between warriors, or pass
  • At the end of your turn, play the top card of the side deck
  • The game continues until a player is required to draw from the main deck, and can not
  • The player with the most points wins

If you are betting on the game-

  • Players decide on the bet cost before the game begins
  • Each player pays the bet cost into the pot when the game begins
  • When a player uses one of the extra cards, they pay the bet cost (Except for the fool)
  • When a player is caught playing the fool, they pay twice the bet cost
  • If a player accuses another player of playing the fool and they did not, the accusing player pays twice the bet cost
  • If a player does not wish to discard a card, they may pay the bet cost to ignore the effect
  • The winner takes the pot
Bjorn's Bestiary: Chimereans
by JaredMOwens

Chimereans, or Hulden, as they prefer to be called, are a nearly human species originating in Denmark. When they first migrated into the Heulenwald area, citizens believed them to be elves because of their pointed ears. Other than their ears, bushy tails, preternatural agility, and higher than average rate of children born with heterochromia (two different colored eyes), Chimereans are identical to humanbeings. These differences, however, have forced Chimereans to the fringes of society. They are known for their predilection for crime and scams.  stunningly good looks, impeccaple rhythm and delightful senses of humor.

P.S. My bowl cut and eyebrow rings make me look like an asshole --Bjorn

Bjorn's Bestiary: Djinn
by JaredMOwens

Djinn are Middle Eastern creatures composed of pure fire. Unlike humans they have natural talent in magic, most commonly branches involving illusion and fire. Djinn are known as a species to be especially devious and cunning. To take advantage of their magical prowess and curb their trickster tendencies, humans began catching Djinn in household items such as lamps, promising to release them in exchange for magical favors. A 'lamped' Djinn's powers are greatly restricted but they have been known to betray their master's wishes to regain and hide their lamps. A Djinni cannot destroy their own vessel, so they frequently align themselves with other magical creatures in hopes of freeing themselves from bondage.

Bjorn's Bestiary: Shedu
by JaredMOwens

Shedu (and their female counterparts, Lemassu) are highly intelligent monsters. They have the body of a bull (or lion), the head of a man, and the wings of an eagle.  Dark fur covers most of a shedu's body, except the shoulders which grow a feathery down, and the face which is bare.  Shedu are extremely dangerous fighting on either their hind legs or all four.  A shedu's wings can only carry it for a limited time, but the added mobility in a fight can prove troublesome. In ancient Assyria shedu were considered to be gods. This is likely due to their near invulnerablity to bodily harm and apparent immortality.  They protected mankind for centuries, but eventually their good natures were taken advantage of and they were cursed to guard human temples and artifacts.  Since this betrayal, shedu have covered their human faces with ornate masks.  A shedu is likely to be hostile to any human it encounters, so avoid contact whenever possible.

Side note: Laymen frequently mistake Shedu and Lemassu for minotaurs due to the bull components, but they are more closely related to the sphynx.

Bjorn's Bestiary: Minotaur
by JaredMOwens

Minotaurs are half man, half bovine.  Their intelligence and strength match a bull's, but their dexterity is equal to a man's.  They are capable of using weapons and tools.  Usually minotaurs inhabit caves and mountainous regions, but some have moved into the forests and hills.  Minotaurs are extremely territorial so caution must be taken around their dens.  Because of their high center of gravity, experienced beast hunters can defeat them easily by knocking them over. (see: cowtipping)