Bjorn's Bestiary: Chimereans
by JaredMOwens

Chimereans, or Hulden, as they prefer to be called, are a nearly human species originating in Denmark. When they first migrated into the Heulenwald area, citizens believed them to be elves because of their pointed ears. Other than their ears, bushy tails, preternatural agility, and higher than average rate of children born with heterochromia (two different colored eyes), Chimereans are identical to humanbeings. These differences, however, have forced Chimereans to the fringes of society. They are known for their predilection for crime and scams.  stunningly good looks, impeccaple rhythm and delightful senses of humor.

P.S. My bowl cut and eyebrow rings make me look like an asshole --Bjorn

Bjorn's Bestiary: Djinn
by JaredMOwens

Djinn are Middle Eastern creatures composed of pure fire. Unlike humans they have natural talent in magic, most commonly branches involving illusion and fire. Djinn are known as a species to be especially devious and cunning. To take advantage of their magical prowess and curb their trickster tendencies, humans began catching Djinn in household items such as lamps, promising to release them in exchange for magical favors. A 'lamped' Djinn's powers are greatly restricted but they have been known to betray their master's wishes to regain and hide their lamps. A Djinni cannot destroy their own vessel, so they frequently align themselves with other magical creatures in hopes of freeing themselves from bondage.

Bjorn's Bestiary: Shedu
by JaredMOwens

Shedu (and their female counterparts, Lemassu) are highly intelligent monsters. They have the body of a bull (or lion), the head of a man, and the wings of an eagle.  Dark fur covers most of a shedu's body, except the shoulders which grow a feathery down, and the face which is bare.  Shedu are extremely dangerous fighting on either their hind legs or all four.  A shedu's wings can only carry it for a limited time, but the added mobility in a fight can prove troublesome. In ancient Assyria shedu were considered to be gods. This is likely due to their near invulnerablity to bodily harm and apparent immortality.  They protected mankind for centuries, but eventually their good natures were taken advantage of and they were cursed to guard human temples and artifacts.  Since this betrayal, shedu have covered their human faces with ornate masks.  A shedu is likely to be hostile to any human it encounters, so avoid contact whenever possible.

Side note: Laymen frequently mistake Shedu and Lemassu for minotaurs due to the bull components, but they are more closely related to the sphynx.

Bjorn's Bestiary: Minotaur
by JaredMOwens

Minotaurs are half man, half bovine.  Their intelligence and strength match a bull's, but their dexterity is equal to a man's.  They are capable of using weapons and tools.  Usually minotaurs inhabit caves and mountainous regions, but some have moved into the forests and hills.  Minotaurs are extremely territorial so caution must be taken around their dens.  Because of their high center of gravity, experienced beast hunters can defeat them easily by knocking them over. (see: cowtipping)





B&B Battlements: Schadelbrecher and Stahlflugel
by JaredMOwens

Schadelbrecher (Skull breaker) and Stahlflugel (Steel wing) are Boris and Bjorn's prized weapons and ancestral heirlooms.  They are simple and strong with little in the way of embelishment or ornament.  Schadelbrecher is a steel hand and half bastard sword with a dyed blue leather handle.  Stahlflugel is a steel partisan with an ash shaft.  Stahlflugel's pole and Schadelbrecher's leather wrappings have been replaced many times through the generations, but the blades themselves have maintained their strength and sharpness. Schadelbrecher and Stahflugel prefer Boris and Bjorn above anyone else. They take little effort to lift for their owners, but burn the hands of any other attempted wielder. It is believed that they hold some latent magical property...