Bjorn's Bestiary: Ogres, Goblins, and Imps
by JaredMOwens

Ogres, goblins, and imps are three closely related species that are frequently found living together. Highly intelligent, goblins usually lead the tribes; imps lack the physical strength and ogres are too dense to know any better. Appearances are highly variable (number of fingers, toes, tails, spikes, etc.), but they can be recognized easily by their signature small eyes, large bat-like ears, rotund nose, clawed hands and feet, and spiked nipples. They have pallid grey skin and are incapable of growing hair anywhere on their bodies. Gender differences are extremely difficult to spot. No specimen has been found capable of human speech, but a distinct goblin language has been discovered and largely deciphered.


Side note: They enjoy throwing their feces.